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Our Earthing electrode is devloped on strip/bar in pipe technology. Crystaline Conductive Mixture (CCM) is filled & packed inside the electrode which is highly conductive & anti corrosive material

Copper/Alloys earthing electrodes are also manufactured based on the same technology

Excellent soil interface due to electrode matty finish and increased surface area to achieve high current dissipation capacity.

Back fill Compound (BFC): It is a mixture of some eco-friendly minerals & chemical (Certified by Govt. Lab.) which enhances the soil conductivity around the electrode, retains moisture and protects the outer pipe from corrosin for a very long period of time.

Lightning Arrestors: When the electrical potential between two clouds or between a cloud and earth reaches a sufficiently high value the air becomes ionized along a narrow path and a lightning flash result, which can extend up to multiple kilometers. Buildings are protected from lightning by metallic ...